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Food Trucks need to Be regularly Inspected for Rodents and other Hazards

Food Trucks and carts are becoming all the rage throughout the USA, particularly in Portland, Oregon, where they are a staple to many people’s lunch and dinners throughout the year. Portland has dedicated large city blocks to food truck vendors and such and they haven’t taken the city by storm with their food offerings.

Many folks love the fact that you can walk down a 400ft long sidewalk and get to choose from 15-20 different types of authentic foods and not have to worry about getting seated and leaving a tip. But some things are unseen in these high paced environments and we’re urging folks to really think about the consequences of these types of eating environments.

We ran across a blog post on the Health Inspectors Handbook blog about what every food cart should be inspected for, and we think either the City of Portland or a Car inspection company in portland should carry out thorough inspections in order to ensure these food trucks are clean and not emitting fumes into the environment that don’t need to be there.

This also includes rodents, pests and bugs that really should be taken care of before anyone even starts to cook in these types of situations. I think that the city needs to conduct monthly, routine truck inspections (or at least hire a local company to conduct the car inspections with their rigorous lists) and make sure everyone is passing with flying colors, even truck with bad/salvage titles Read More

food myths 

What’s in Season for Your Favorite Seafood

Dining out has gone from being reserved for special occasions to becoming a way of life for many people. From fast-food joints to top-quality, white-tablecloth
restaurants, eating out comes with its own set of expectations and standards. One of those expectations, especially when it comes to seafood, is that the food be
fresh and the presentation flawless. Asa consumer, each person has a role to play in making that expectation a reality.

Like many foods, each ocean catch has its prime season. Knowing what’s most likely to be fresh on the menu can make all the difference between a memorable event and an ordinary or less-than-spectacular meal.

Salmon is a favorite for a lot of people. Fortunately, depending of your favorite species of the fish, you can enjoy salmon at its peak for a good part of the year.
Chinook and wild salmon are both sourced from the Pacific Northwest, very close to sky blue credit repair location, as seen here. They are at their peak from March through September or October. Coho salmon comes into the picture later in the year, around July, and provides a good source for restaurants for the next three or four months. Atlantic salmon, sourced from the Atlantic Northeast, is usually in good supply all year. Salmon is a safe bet for favorable seafood dining.

Another seafood favorite is mahi-mahi. Sourced from the South Pacific, where the waters are warm and the fish are always plentiful, mahi-mahi is a delectable, healthy choice you can feel comfortable making any month of the year.

Those much-loved king crab legs are most plentiful, and most attractively priced, in the fall and early winter months of September throu Read More

food myths 

4 Catering Myths and Misconceptions You Should Ignore When Looking for a Catering Service

Many people who want catering services often start with some preconceived notions. These misconceptions can cause you to overpay, or choose services that aren’t adequate for your event. Here are a few of the misconceptions and myths out there you should ignore.

1. The Season Always Affects the Price

For some reason, many people believe that catering services base their prices on the season. If you think about that for just a second, you’ll realize how silly it sounds. The services offered by the caterer are the same no matter what season it is.

The food prep, serving, and set up does not change with the season. They can change with the venue, but the prices will remain more or less the same at any time of the year. The only caveats to this are dishes that have ingredients that are seasonal by nature, such as seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Buffet-Style Service is Cheaper than Sit-Down Services

This is an easy assumption to make if you don’t give it any thought. People assume that if the guests can get up and fill their plates themselves, it will turn out cheaper than the guests receiving their meals at the table.

The catering service still has to serve food at a buffet, keep it hot, and keep the food compartments full. Even if it is an open buffet, there is no guarantee everyone will take sensible portions. This can occur even if there are rules in place to prevent such things.

You can still end up with one food item running out while there’s still plenty of other stuff. No, a buffet isn’t always cheaper. Don’t order catering services with this
assumption in mind. Ask the catering service about their pricing for each type of food serving ch Read More