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4 Catering Myths and Misconceptions You Should Ignore When Looking for a Catering Service

Many people who want catering services often start with some preconceived notions. These misconceptions can cause you to overpay, or choose services that aren’t adequate for your event. Here are a few of the misconceptions and myths out there you should ignore.

1. The Season Always Affects the Price

For some reason, many people believe that catering services base their prices on the season. If you think about that for just a second, you’ll realize how silly it sounds. The services offered by the caterer are the same no matter what season it is.

The food prep, serving, and set up does not change with the season. They can change with the venue, but the prices will remain more or less the same at any time of the year. The only caveats to this are dishes that have ingredients that are seasonal by nature, such as seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Buffet-Style Service is Cheaper than Sit-Down Services

This is an easy assumption to make if you don’t give it any thought. People assume that if the guests can get up and fill their plates themselves, it will turn out cheaper than the guests receiving their meals at the table.

The catering service still has to serve food at a buffet, keep it hot, and keep the food compartments full. Even if it is an open buffet, there is no guarantee everyone will take sensible portions. This can occur even if there are rules in place to prevent such things.

You can still end up with one food item running out while there’s still plenty of other stuff. No, a buffet isn’t always cheaper. Don’t order catering services with this
assumption in mind. Ask the catering service about their pricing for each type of food serving choice they have.

3. Catered Meals Should Cost Less Than They Do at the Restaurant

Pricing is up to the catering service, but keep in mind that a catered meal is no different from a restaurant meal in many ways. The catering service must still prepare the food, often to your specifications. They still must plate it and serve it.

In fact, this would typically cost more than it does at a restaurant. That’s because the catering service must also set up everything away from a familiar centralized food preparation area. They must bring tableware and tablecloths They may have to create a unique menu just for your event. These are all extra costs that don’t apply when at a dedicated restaurant.

4. Food Is All You’re Paying For

Do not think all the catering budget goes to the food. It goes to far, far more than that.


In addition, the catering service may also offer tables, chairs, tableware, design, and various other things that make your event a success. The food is only one aspect of the catering service; you’re paying for more than just that.

There are even more myths and misconceptions associated with catering services. All you have to do is speak with a professional catering service. Let them know what you would like, and let them explain to you how they work. It’s as simple as that.

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